The first high pressure sea kayaks.

Product Description

The first high pressure sea kayaks.

The Nomad uses the same concept that was such a success on the YAKKAir HP1 and 2, with a high pressure inflatable keel and bottom section of the hull, together creating a dynamic and high performance hull shape, all at a feather weight and giving an excellent paddle position. As for performance, the Nomad improves in having a higher bow section, its extended length, and a flexible decking system giving better internal protection and enabling even longer trips and excursions. With its decking system, the Nomad HP3 is ideal for longer double paddling excursions, having large space for equipment. It also makes it more viable for the more challenging conditions you find in the cooler seasons. Take out the decking and the HP3 becomes a vast, stable, top-performing family 3-seater. Brand new for 2013 is the Nomad HP1, a solo kayak that follows the same concept as the HP3 (higher bow section, flexible decking…) and of course gives you the same paddle-comfort and protection for your extended solo trips.

The principle behind these highly innovative inflatables lies in their use of multiple materials to help reduce weight, plus the use of a keel and bottom section inflated to high pressure to give the hull a superbly efficient V shape. Result : the YAKKAir HP and Nomad HP are light weight and high performance boats with the advantage of pack-down and storage into a compact carry bag. This means you can get to further flung and less accessible spots much more easily.

Data specs
14’5.2″ / 4.40 m
31.5″ / 0.80 m
46.3 lbs / 21 Kg
Max. load
440 lbs / 200 Kg