Shark 11’8″ Touring Inflatable Sup


This 11’8 Touring board is the ideal board for paddlers up to 95kg looking for improved glide and top speed for optimum SUP touring performance or an entry into SUP racing.

Product Description

The touring range is a step up from our entry level All Round range, with a sleeker outline shape this range allows you to go faster and cover more distance without compromising stability.

The 11’8 is the shortest of the Touring range, offering the best maneuverability without compromising tracking, glide and speed.

At 30’’ wide the 11’8 Touring board has a sleek, faster shape and demands slightly more balance, however you will be rewarded by smooth gliding allowing you to cover more distance.

It’s the lightest of the touring models as well, so great if you are looking for a lightweight tourer.

Featuring SHARK SUPs shark skin traction pad.

  •  Shark Kick Tail (SKT).
  •  3 year warranty.
  •  Shark Fusion Technology (SFT).

Length 11’8”

Width 30”

Thickness 6”

Weight 9.05kg

Volume 327 litres

Rider weight up to 95kg

High pressure valve.
Max pressure 25 PSI.
Recommended pressure 18 PSI.
FinsShark quick fix tool-less fin.
SHARK quick fit foldable fin box.
Handles – 1 piece comfort carry handle.
D-Rings1 x on the underside of nose for towing.
1 x one the tail for leash.
4 x on deck for loading kit.

11’8″ Touring Inflatable SUP Features:

  • High pressure valve.
  • Max pressure 25 PSI.
  • Recommended pressure 18 PSI.
  • FinsShark quick fix tool-less fin.
  • SHARK quick fit foldable fin box.

Carbon Fibre Paddle:

Our carbon fibre shaft paddle is a lighter weight, stiffer and higher performing paddle than our aluminium shaft paddle.  A reduced swing weight from the carbon paddle shaft means you can paddle further, for longer, whilst still have a durable nylon blade, making it perfect as a paddle to share between friends and family.

The nylon blade is tough and extremely durable, with an all round teardrop shape creating a smooth and stable paddle stoke.  Its moulded shape gives stiffness to ensure the blade performs efficiently.

The adjustable system allows you to quickly adjust the paddle to suit your height and style of paddling.

The paddle’s 3 piece design is practical and perfect for traveling, with no compromise on performance. The paddle splits into three parts so it easily fits into your backpack, meaning you can go anywhere and do anything.


  • Blade Area: 542 sq cm
  • Length adjustable from 168-215cm
  • Weight: 860 grams
  • Easy adjustable before and during paddling
  • 3 piece – practical and perfect for travel
  • Ergonomic Hand Grip

The wheeled backpack allows you to move your paddle board around with even more ease.  Simply pack you board up in the bag, grab the top handle and cruise to the water. We recognise that not all paddlers need wheels on their SUP backpacks as it can add unwanted weight and bulk, but for those who do want wheels, we offer this option in the SHARK SUP Wheeled Backpack.

It’s been designed to be lightweight, easy and comfortable to use and is the premium bag for transporting your SHARK SUP.

We have designed the bag to be super easy to pack your board into.  Featuring double opening zips allowing you to fully open the bag, internal loading straps to secure your board to the bag, and a front pocket allows you to store your pump and fins separately.  We have made the bag large for ease of packing, however included compression straps so once packed you can transport your board in the most compact form.

Carrying your SHARK SUP is now easier than ever – our backpacks have padded shoulder straps, paddled back support and a chest strap for enhanced comfort.  We have also included plenty of handles on the to help move your board around.


  • Integrated Wheels
  • Paddled Shoulder straps
  • Chest Buckle for comfort
  • Padded back support
  • Multiple Carry Handle
  • Compression straps
  • Finished with Pantone Orange Piping and SHARK SUPs branding.
  • Internal loading Strap

Waterproof Phone Case

  • Take your phone on the water with you to remain safe and capture the moments with your camera.