Clear Blue Hawaii FAQ’s

Where can I buy a Clear Blue Hawaii kayak?

Through us at Clear Blue Hawaii Australia or through a number of stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. Contact us on 1300 72 9992 for details of your nearest store.

How do scratches on the hulls of the Molokini affect visibility?

Scratch resistance test performed on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, over coral chunks and lava rocks have yielded low visibility loss. The moment the product is introduced into the ocean the water fills in the scratches.

How impact resistant is the material of the Molokini?

The Molokini is made out of polycarbonate, the same material used on fighter jets. Other usage of the material includes submarine view ports and bulletproof glass.

How puncture resistant are the Hanauma and Napali kayaks?

The Hanauma is made of an 840 – denier nylon skin and an inflatable four – chamber system, thereby light yet durable and rugged enough. The Napali is built with a Carbon / Kevlar frame system and Urethane skin. Urethane is a very pliable material thus making it difficult to puncture.

How well do the kayaks track?

All Clear Blue Hawaii kayaks track very well. The Molokini comes equipped with a retractable skeg system, the Hanauma includes 3 embedded skegs and the Napali has a remarkable tracking ability based on hull shape alone.

How stable are the kayaks?

There a three different levels of stability : The Molokini has a semi flat bottom and is 33.5″ causing greater water displacement and the user sits low close to the deck, which translates into a low center of gravity. The Hanauma is 34″ wide and has independent air chambers. Air is very buoyant making Hanauma our most stable model. Napali is made for performance meaning that the hull is narrower allowing for more speed and less drag. Napali is designed more for an intermediate to experienced kayaker.

Are Clear Blue Hawaii kayaks okay for beginners?

Yes, Clear Blue Hawaii kayaks ( Molokini & Hanauma ) were specifically designed with the novice user in mind.

Are they good for long distance kayaking?

Yes, Clear Blue Hawaii kayaks can be used for long distance paddling, which is facilitated through the skeg system, yet two out of the three models ( Molokini & Hanauma ) have been designed for recreational usage.

Can you arrange international shipping?

Yes, Clear Blue Hawaii Australia can ship to a number of areas in the South Pacific. Please call or email for shipping information to particular areas.

What is the company warranty policy?

Please contact us to find out more about our company’s warranty policy.

Are these boats suitable for the rental market?

Yes, our kayaks ( Hanauma & Molokini ) have been designed with the tourism & leisure markets in mind.


Wavedance FAQ’s

What is your return policy?


If you are dissatisfied with the kayak for any reason, please return them in good conditions for a full refund within 48 hours.

Wrong Item

If you received the wrong item by mistake, please call us or email us, we will ship out the correct item as soon as possible. We ask that you return the mis-shipped item at your earliest convenience.

Did not receive order

If for some reason you do not receive your order in a timely manner, please call us or email us, we will ship out your order again. It may take a week for us to ship out an order and another couple days to get to you. If your order is a recent one, we may ask you to wait a couple more days to see if it arrives before shipping you another order. If you wish to cancel an order, you may do so at any time before it is shipped.

What transport details can you offer?

All Wavedance kayaks can be transported on top of a car, using a roof rack. Face down is best, or, if more than one, on their sides or stacked face down. Padding or clips should be used to protect the craft from rubbing on metal. To minimise movement, tie the kayak twice across (using the scupper holes if convenient as it is only for a relatively brief period) and from the front and rear. If transporting inside a van or truck, protect the kayak from any hard metal flooring.

What are the handling options?

Use the handles for carrying rather than the grabline or cargo straps. Two people can easily carry two kayaks if each takes a handle of both kayaks. Provided the weight is acceptable, one person can carry the Echo, Encore or Calypso solo – with the optional use of a carry strap.

How do you storage the kayaks?

Although Wavedance kayaks are made from factor-11 UV rated polyethylene, they should be stored out of the sun to maintain optimum condition. It is advisable to drain and clean your kayak (see below) before lengthy storage. Face down, on end, hanging, and on edge are all recommended ways of storing.

How should I clean the kayak?

Your kayak can be kept looking like new if it is regularly cleaned and maintained. The presence of sea water in the hull will not damage the polyethylene material but you should always drain your kayak after use by opening the bunghole and placing the kayak on end. Wash your kayak with fresh water and dry it off. The polyethylene has a slightly rough surface, which can trap grime. At least a couple of times a season -and before storing – gently scrub the kayak, using mild dishwashing detergent and warm water. Pressure hosing is an effective alternative.

Repair and Warranty Guidelines

Wavedance kayaks’ linear polyethylene construction is very tough and can withstand most knocks and bumps that are part of normal use. In the event of serious damage (perhaps as a result of an unusual accident, vandalism or misuse) it is weldable for repair. Wavedance kayaks have a 10-year warranty on the hull. This excludes intentional or unintentional damage caused by sharp objects or dragging over rough surfaces.

What is the verdict on safety and stability?

Great stability in a wide range of conditions from smooth water to surf means Wavedance kayaks do not tip readily (as do many kayaks) and are easy to get in and out of even from deep water. A grabline edging the rim provides a handhold, as well as bow and stern handles. Self-bailing outlets (scupper holes) drain water from the cockpit. A choice of vibrant colours provides high visibility on the water.

Are they a comfortable kayak and versatile?

Equally at home in the sea, rivers, lakes and streams, all Wavedance kayaks can be used for the sport of kayaking or as a platform for other recreational pursuits such as swimming, fishing and diving. The open-top design allows complete freedom of movement, suits most body shapes and is roomy enough for young children (or perhaps the family dog) to accompany adult paddlers.

What about the build strength and boat speed?

The seamless, roto-moulded, superlinear polyethylene construction is much stronger than fibreglass. It handles everyday knocks effortlessly and is UV stabilised. The smooth hull means greater speed through the water, while the deck’s surface is textured to be non-slip. The underwater contours and configuration achieve an excellent stability to speed ratio and they ensure the crafts track well (go straight) with no need for a rudder.

Load capacity and weight information

Fully detailed with equipment securing points and hatches to under-deck storage, Wavedance kayaks are ideal for camping trips, picnics, or for carrying gear to favourite fishing and diving sites. Designed to be lightweight and easily transported on a car roof.